I am still trying to figure out WordPress. It’s not as intuitive as Blogger after all…. As soon as I figure it out I look forward to posting.



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3 responses to “WordPress

  1. hanna

    hello! i am a 13 year old girl from sweden and i have just finished reading your book abandoned and i love it!! Its the best book ive ever read! it truly touched me. Im am now a official fan of yours. You are a true rule model and i am proud of you!!keep the good work up and be happy!! xx

  2. Sofia

    write more please. I have 21 years old, i’m a portuguese girl and i am at a crucial face of my life because, like you ut in a different way i don’t have family and nobody to care about me. I finished your book today and sometimes i was reading your words like were my own words. I feel empty, i feel alone and i feel that i can loose myself and nobody cares about it. It’s like living on completely sadness but i don’t have nobody to touch me and that i can feel his love, somebody to teel me that everything gonna be alright. Instead I still fighting for my dreams, I still studying at university, paying everything all alone because i really know that if i don’t do this things for me noody will do it! Thank u Anaya to share your pain and your secrets. It helps a lot.

  3. clive wilson

    Anya, I have just finished your book “Abandoned” which I could not put down and finished after 2 days solid reading. When I read the back cover at the library I was unsure as to whether it was a book that I wanted to read at this stage of my life having suffered many of the childhood problems that you were faced with. But what made me want to read it was the fact that it was a true story and described as “Inspirational” and seemed that now at this stage of my life I felt I needed to be inspired having felt many of the same feelings you endured and and many which are my own. As a male growing up it shaped many aspects of my life, some for the better, some for the worse. Many things have happened in my life that I have put behind me but many have shaped me as the adult I have become. Your story was truly relatable and at many times found myself exactly where you were but in my own story of my childhood and my heart goes out to you and wanted to let you know that you are a true survivor of the real world we live in. I hope you have peace and hapiness in your life you have created for yourself and though we can look back at the things that shape our life you have come through this in an amazing way. Thankyou for sharing your life experiences and showing us that the human spirit is sometimes the the strongest inspiration we have. Many thanks and God Bless. xxx

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